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Optronics & RF solutions for demanding applications


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Our secondary market focus is most easily described as that of adding value to our primary market focus as importer and distributor of cutting-edge innovative technology.

Our secondary aim is to take international best of breed OEM technology from our suppliers, and in partnership with selected local integrators, to offer South African developed solutions for sale to the global market. These solutions are particularly well suited for clients in the emerging markets that require products specially adapted for use under their local conditions.

This facilitation process is a win-win situation, as it has the potential to benefit our international suppliers, create employment opportunities in South Africa, and deliver high-quality products adapted and/or designed for use in particularly tough environments that in many cases resemble those we are accustomed to in Southern Africa.

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Counter-poaching technologies for integrators and end-users of infrared & thermal imagers

Thermal and Short Wave Infrared imaging for integrators and end-users of fire-safety equipment