our primary market

Optronics & RF solutions for demanding applications


Our primary market focus is most easily described as that of being a value added importer and distributor of cutting-edge innovative technology into Southern Africa.

Our business development staff have years of experience in the defence R&D sector. We are therefore well informed and aware of the various sensor technologies, their comparative advantages and disadvantages over competing products, and any applicable trade restrictions that may apply.

Besides selling technology products, we also provide specialised consultancy services relating to the implementation and deployment of both optronic and complementary products. It is important for us to stay abreast of the latest technology trends, and to be able to advise our clients so that they may invest wisely in their choice of equipment. For this reason we regularly attend workshops, sales meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

R&D (research & development)

T&E (test & evaluation)


This specific sector tends to require very small quantities of the very latest and most advanced technologies.

A high level of project involvement and participation is often also required from the local distributor, as well as from the international technology supplier.


Defence / Special projects

Police / Customs

This sector often overlaps with the R&D sector and often also requires a high level of project involvement and participation from the local distributor as well as from the international technology supplier.

Safety / Security



In the safety and security market, whether it be for private, industrial or commercial use, we prefer to engage the end-user  through a specialised sub-distributor.

Our preferred channels in these cases involve working closely with specialist installers and integrators.

In the industrial, manufacturing and process control market, we also prefer to operate in the same manner.

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end-user categories and distribution mechanisms

We handle all sales to the end-user directly.

We handle most sales to the end-user directly, but sometimes, as is often the case with OEM products, we work through system integrators that play a sub-distributor role.

(enquiries from installers & integrators are welcome)